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Wide range of welding machines

For welding sheet metal, we have a wide range of welding machines, from manual to special, in some cases machines developed internally.


Modern techniques

Among other things, we have nine modern and innovative welding robots, some of which are equipped with a tandem welding system. Techniques we use include: MAG/MIG/TIG welding, laser welding, spot welding, seam welding and TOX-ing.

Perfect team

Powerful software

The welding robots, together with the software and the construction around it, form a perfect team. With an exceptional range, Witte van Moort is able to produce unique comprehensive solutions for every industry.


Want to know more about welding?

Please contact one of our advisors


The right solution for each industry

Metalwork is custom work.From the machining of a flat plate of the production of semi-finished products, we offer solutions for various industries.

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