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Material Handling Equipment

We know metal

Material handling equipment

Witte van Moort has a long history of producing high quality sheet metal for global manufacturers of material handling equipment. These solutions are applied by our international customers as essential components.

Continuously moving on

The market is constantly changing. Innovations and expansion of market segments are the order of the day. Together with our customers, our engineers work on the right solution. From moulded parts to complex welded assemblies, in the majority of all lift trucks you will find one or more Witte van Moort components. Our customers demand the maximum from their products and can count on us for quality.

One-stop shopping

Through years of experience in producing such solutions, Witte van Moort is able to support the customer from the design-in phase to series production. We meet the highest standards and guarantee the quality of our products as shown in various certifications.


Together with our customers, Witte van Moort closely monitors all developments to ensure we are ready for the future. With our high-tech machinery and well-trained staff, we feel right at home in this industry.


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