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About us

Our history

From a rich history that began in the 1950s in a small shed in Twente, we have developed into a top international producer of high-quality sheet metal.

As a family business, we value our relationship with you, the customer, our environment and our employees. We always go the extra mile. We feel connected to your goals, your challenges and above all your people. Our main motivation: sustainable & long-term partnerships.

Making the best products, that is what makes the heart of a Witte van Moort employee beat faster. In order to make a maximum contribution to the success of our customers, the high quality standards of our customers and colleagues, the development of our employees and a responsible society. We translate the designs and wishes of our customers into concrete, feasible solutions that you can use immediately.

Supplier to industry

Get to know Witte van Moort, our innovative machinery and well trained staff!

Facts & Figures

1910 St Annaland

Where it all began

The village of Sint Annaland in Zeeland

On 24 September, in a small village in the south-western Dutch province Zeeland, the later founder of the family business was born in Sint Annaland: Witte van Moort. Even as a young boy, Witte's extraordinary entrepreneurial talent came to light. Even before he was ten years old, he started his first business in his grandfather's shed. There he starts repairing bicycle tires for family, neighbours and acquaintances at a friendly rate. Later, he also performs minor repairs.


To Twente

Moving to Enschede

Witte van Moort marries Frida Hospers. They move to Enschede, where Witte van Moort took a job as a car mechanic with the firm Beverdam. Two years later, on 24 May 1939, their son Adri was born.


1948 Handelsregister Witte Van Moort 1949

The official launch

Manufacture of children's bicycles

Witte van Moort registers as a sole trader (children's bicycle production) in the Trade Register of the Chamber of Commerce in January 1948. Type of business: manufacture of children's bicycles. ‘Het Twentsche Ros’ (‘the Horse of Twente’) The official start of the company.



Machine fleet Jan Kromhof

Start of production of moped parts

Start of production of moped parts, such as petrol tanks and frames, partly as a result of acquiring the machine fleet of Jan Kromhof in Almelo. The first customers are Limo, Burgers and Union.


1952 Opdracht Firma Wagelaar Victoria Bromfiets

The Pelican-Victoria

An important turning point

Witte van Moort received an order from the firm of Wagelaar in Enschede, importer of the Victoria moped, to assemble the engine in such a way that the rider's clothes would not get dirty. Witte van Moort gets to drawing board and the tinker shed, and solves the problem. In 1952, this moped, the Pelican-Victoria comes on the market. An important turning point in the history of the company.


1958 Plaatsing Van Machine

Historic year

Large deep-draw press

A historic year for Witte van Moort. A large deep-drawing press is purchased, a colossal machine for shaping metal sheets. The orders are pouring in and the clientele is constantly expanding. Almost all Dutch moped manufacturers are now customers.


1959 Overleg 4 Heren

Development son Adri

Manufacture of products

Son Adri joins the company and starts learning the tricks of the trade from the ground up. At a later stage, he switches to manufacturing other products such as sheet metal for heating, oil fires, gas fires and central heating boilers.



A close family company

Sons Adri and Henk

Witte van Moort steps down as director. Sons Adri and Henk are the directors now.


1980 Fabriekshal 7 Juli 1978

New hall

Production in Ireland

Construction of new 2,000 m2 production hall and start of production in Ireland.


1991 3D Lasersnijmachine Trulaser

ISO 9001 certification

Our quality ambitions

Witte van Moort's quality ambitions become visible when the company obtains ISO 9001 certification. The digitisation of the production process continues.

For example, 3D CAD drawing systems are introduced and, again as one of the first in the Netherlands, a 3D laser is installed.


1994 Dieptrekken Pers 800Ton

Large and complex

Witte van Moort specialises

Wido van Moort (third generation) joins the business. Under his leadership, Witte van Moort continues to specialise in large and complex deep-drawing products and welding assemblies.


1995 Opening

Festive reopening

New office building

The festive reopening of the totally renovated company with an area of 15,000 m2 takes place on 7 July. Together with his wife, the 85-year-old founder performs the official opening ceremony. They unveil a work of art in the impressive hall of the new office building.


Supply Chain Planner

Taking the helm

Working for nearly 50 years

Wido van Moort takes over the helm from his father Adri, who retires after almost 50 years in the family business.



A festive 2023

75 years!

In 2023, the family business Witte van Moort will celebrate its 75th anniversary.


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